Spectrum LDAP Integration User Enhancement

Idea created by Justin_Kulikowski on Feb 19, 2014
    Under review


    Implement a new attribute on the user-level to disable LDAP querying, thus that Spectrum would only ever use the local CA Spectrum password.


    • Spectrum 9.3.0 with LDAP configured
    • A User has been created for the sole purpose of scripts using Spectrum web-services
    • Allow NonLDAP User Login = Yes has been set on the User
    • The User's CA Spectrum password has been set
    • A script was written to execute web service calls


    Everytime a Spctrum web service call is made in the script, the pcap is showing a
    query against the LDAP server.  This is slowing down the script, as the
    Spectrum web services needs to wait for the LDAP server to respond (with no
    user found).  Additionally, this is creating unecessary requests and load on
    the LDAP server.

    While a typical OneClick login might only create a few LDAP queries, a script will
    very likely generate hundreds of LDAP queries.