Automatically migrate SDM scenarios from DEV to QA to PROD

Idea created by satmi01 Employee on Feb 21, 2014
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    Hi All,

    A Brazilian customer is looking for is an automated way to migrate Service Desk scenarios that they built in DEV to QA. And then from QA to PROD.

    Today, one option that they can follow is this techdoc:

    Document ID:    TEC473991

    Title:  What are the steps involved in replicating an existing ServiceDesk installation to a new server where MDB is on SQL server 2005?

    But as we can see there are manual steps here:

    ·         Pdm_extract wspcol/wsptbl

    ·         Copy site/mods

    ·         Take a backup of MDB

    ·         Then in the target, load the data, WSP (pdm_publish), copy site/mods, etc…

    These are all manual steps.

    Customer would like to have something like they have in ITPAM. They only export and import. And all is created in the new scenario.