Option to select the open date between form open and object check-in for self-service opened tickets

Idea created by jussi_valkonen on Feb 25, 2014
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    Currently the SDM sets the open date to the time the ticket form was opened, regardless of the interface it was opened from. In a scenario where an SLA imposes very short reaction times and the customer enters the ticket via self service the SLA might be breached even before the ticket has been saved for the first time and has become available for the analysts. This can cause remarkable financial losses if penalties for SLA breaches have been agreed.

    For the analyst interface it can be reasoned that the ticket handling has begun when the ticket form was opened and that is fine, but from the self-service interface this is not the case. I ask that CA adds an option to select whether the open date is set to the form open or object check-in when it is coming from the self-service interface.