Options Manager "integrity check."

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Mar 3, 2014
    Under review

    Request an integrity check for Options Manager.

    The aim is to flag conflicts between what is seen through Options Manager in the SDM web client, compared to what is actually configured at the file level on the different servers.

    Sometimes unexpected results occur if the results are different at the file level compared to the web client level. This can occur through wrong files being copied, file corruption, bad backup/restore etc.                                                                          
    It is possible for the information that is displayed through the web client "Options Manager" to not reflect what is actually configured in the underlying system files.                                                  
    Because Service Desk runs from the underlying system files in some cases and NOT from the database values stored in the Options table - which is what Options Manager displays - there is the possibility of a mismatch between what actually happens on the system at run time, compared to what the user would expect to happen based on the Options Manager values.          
    This annomaly can come about in a variety of ways - manual editing of the underlying files, an "incorrect" data/file restore, a bad patch and so on. Note that this is a rare event which normally needs some type of "outside action" to occur. However, when it does occur, the issues are usually subtle and hard to diagnose.

    An example - "intermittent" different outgoing email notification behaviour, may be caused by one secondary server only having different values.

    This situation is a potential problem up to SDM 12.9 I believe. There may be architecture changes on the roadmap for after this (???).

    SUGGESTED RESOLUTION                                                       
    That there be a check done to see if the two locations match.              
    a) This check could either occur at the startup of the Service Desk service - which would be a natural time to do it, and during a Configuration.        
    b) This could be made into a pdm_utility, such as                          
    which an administrator could manually run to check.                        
    The former case may write to the stdlog file.                              
    The latter case would be expected to additional output information to the command prompt where this was run.                                         
    CHECKS THAT NEED TO BE DONE                                                
    Compare the values in each Option - which is stored in the Options table, against the underlying files eg NX.ENV variables, or /site/ changes. (And against other database tables if there are any Options which update tables other than Options, although I don't think there are.)

    If there is a difference found, then notify the user that the Option needs to be reinstalled. Reinstalling an option will correctly synchronise all locations.

    Cross reference: 19049213.

    EXAMPLE OF PROBLEM THAT THIS MAY PREVENT                                   
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start

    I have reviewed NX.env file and found that the option "BO_SERVER_AUTH" has not been installed though it is shown as "Installed" on Administration tab of Service Desk web client. Could you follow the steps as per below for reinstalling the option?                                                   
    1. Deinstall the option "BO_SERVER_AUTH".                                  
    2. Restart Service Desk and Central Management Server services.            
    3. Install the option "BO_SERVER_AUTH" with the value "secEnterprise".     
    4. Restart Service Desk and Central Management Server services again.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- End