Surveys in foreign languages

Idea created by mike.beasley on Mar 3, 2014

    The problem

    Surveys in foreign languages include two pieces of text which always appear in English:

    • Hello
    • Highlighted questions (if any) require a response before submitting the survey

    We have tried to get round this by adding these pieces of text in the foreign language at the beginning and end of the survey introduction, but it is not really satisfactory and it sometimes results in the length limit being exceeded.

    Suggested way forward

    Could we please have two extra columns in the 'survey template' table. For foreign language surveys these will contain translations of the two pieces of text above; for English surveys they will normally be empty.

    The foreign language versions would then be included in the survey if present, with the English versions as defaults.

    This would improve foreign language surveys but with no effect on any existing surveys.