Not to double clock the Timer

Idea created by liaha03 on Mar 9, 2014
    Not planned

    Hi All,

    I'm not sure if everyone realize about this timer issue. It looks small matter but it is a big problem to customer coz it is relating to reporting to their management. To simulate this issue, pls follow below steps:

    1. Edit incident in edit mode, modify description and timer start clocking.

    2. Before saving incident, click on activities and select i.e. log comment.

    3. You will notice that the time spent is counting as well in log comment activities.

    4. Enter any comment and click accept button in log comment activities.

    5. Now, save incident.

    6. You will notice that total activities time = Time spent incident in edit mode + time spent log comment activities. By right, it should show total activities time = time spent incident in edit mode only.

    With the current design, meaning, customer have been generating inaccurate report for total activities time spent. To customer, it is a very big issue coz they have provided inaccurate report since day one to management (fyi, they have been using CA SDM r11 and now they are in CA SDM r12.9). To resolve this issue in future for new release of CA SDM, pls ensure that do not count the activities timer when there is an activity time spent calculated in parent form (i,e, incident).