Unable to Save Preferences

Idea created by ReenaV on Mar 10, 2014
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    On investigation for case 21724666-1:

    It's observed on CA Service Desk Manager Full License - MULTI-PLATFORM  release 12.5 that we cannot save preferences by any other roles except Administrator.

    Logged in as user A belonging to tenant A
    In the Role "Level 1 Analyst" which has Write Access to tenant A, we can
    change the Preferences.
    When switched to "Level 2 Analyst" which does NOT have Write Access to
    tenant A, then we CANNOT change the preferences.

    So, every role should be able to edit/ save preferences but this functionality is missing.

    The buttons Save Cancel Reset are only present when we view preferences by Administrator role. Not present in any of the rest roles.


    Reena Vishwakarma