Support for HTML/Rich Text formatted emails

Idea created by antti.pyykko on Mar 28, 2014

    Wanted: Support for HTML/Rich Text formatted emails

    According to our tests (and CA Support) it is the sad truth that SDM's maileater does not support HTML or Rich Text formatted emails, but Plain Text formatted emails only. It's a fact that SDM includes exceptionally good automatic email notification features that can be triggered in various situations. Furthermore, in many cases these notifications are related to a ticket and many times the receiver of the email wants to either comment the notification or just sign the notification for receipt, which in turn needs to be added as a comment. Not to mention situations where customer/employee simply sends an email instead of using self-service portal or telephone.

    In many situations our customer organizations are using MS products as their email solutions. Sadly MS Outlook uses HTML as default format and MS Exchange Server's (2007 and further) seem not pass emails always in multipart format. Moreover, in almost as many situations customers are not very keen on changing their Exchange Server's settings because it naturally affects in their whole organizations email traffic.

    So what we require is:
    Make SDM's maileater finally support also HTML/Rich Text formatted emails (that are delivered through MS Exchange Server).