Built-in log cycling for EP and AS logs

Idea created by webmaster_jim_ on Apr 23, 2014
    Under review

    See CA Issue: 21739118-1: APP SERVER VERBOSE LOGGING

    Somewhere between 11.3 and 11.3.6, verbose logging was activated for the AutoSys application server.  In a sandbox system, we are seeing over 10MB per day of messages, and sometimes over 50MB of logs.

    Example record:

    [04/22/2014 04:13:48.897] CAUAJM_I_30031 Client [CA WAAE API JNI:1664][5][hostname.pri:49780:::1] [49113680]


    In WCC and the System Agent, there is logic for verbosity settings and for log cycling times. For the event demon and (now) for the application server, there are not.  We would like 2 changes to the core product logging:

    1. A verbosity setting that can be changed on the fly (without stopping and starting the application server) so we don't fill up our disk space with dreck.
    2. Controllable logic to compress and/or delete logs, so that after a week an event demon log is zipped, for example, and after 6 weeeks is deleted.