Additional functionality to GRLoader

Idea created by PhaniKosanam on May 1, 2014
    Not planned

    We are looking for ways to update LREL data on CI's in ServiceDesk and the current functionality does not address this area very well.

    Use-case: We would like to add additional contacts on a CI on Tab 2 'Other Assigned Contacts List' through GRLoader without altering the value that is stored in 'resource_contact'

    Response from Support regarding this request (Request # 21792745)...

    "Unfortunately, other than the option I provided, there is no way to do this via GRLoader. You would have to do it over the GUI. I would recommend if needed, you can submit an enhancement request by going to and posting it under Idea Wall."

    The option support provided was... "it's possible to populate the "other contacts" list by simply passing the <resource_contact> value in your xml repeatedly. Each time a new value is loaded to resource_contact it will "push" the previously existing contact into the "other contacts" area.

    However, this only works for Adding contacts, but cannot change or remove them via GRLoader.