Extend 'Export from a search list' functionality to adjust date/time according to local timzone

Idea created by Ian_Turner Employee on May 7, 2014
    Not planned
    • lee_mharris
    • tzadell

    When an SDM analyst exports a list of Change orders from a search list, using the 'Export' Button Functionality; In the exported excel spreadsheet the date and time fields contain the date/time in the timezone of the primary server with notes stating the timezone difference to the analysts timzone, eg -05:00. where the export was initiated. However we would like this functionality extended to actually populate the spreadsheet with adjusted date/time according to the analysts timezone.

    For example: Change Order creation time is 07:00 (UK) and after export is adjusted to the analysts timezone that initiates the export. Analyst in CET would export 08:00, analyst in EST would see it as 02:00