Service Desk - Web Services - Tenant restricted lists

Idea created by KevinJohnson1316101 on Jun 9, 2014
    Not planned

    I recently had a Tenancy problem when creating a Change Order using Web Services.

    One of our tenants has a tenancy structure of more than 90 sub-tenants. This is a subset of the structure:

    Main Tenant




         Rest of the World



    Change Order classifications with the same Symbol Name have been defined for different Sub-tenants.

    The problem arose because I tried to assign a classification belonging to the sub-tenant “Europe” to a “FIJI” Change Order.

    To resolve the problem, I had to:

    1. Create an array of all of the sub-tenants, including the PersID of the Parent tenant
    2. Create an array of Change Order Classifications with the symbol name that I wanted to use and the PersID of the Sub-tenant to which it belonged.
    3. Search through the Classification Array looking for the sub-tenant. If a match was found, use the PersID of the classification when creating the Change Order.
    4. If a match was not found, identify the Parent sub-tenant of the current sub-tenant and repeat ( c )

    It would be useful if there was Method within Web Services which would allow a list to be produced that was limited to those values that can be used for a specific Sub-tenant.

    E.g.  List Change Order classifications with the symbol name “Service Request.TRIOLE.Contact” that belonged to Fiji or any of its parent sub-tenants i.e. Australaisia, APACS, Main Tenant, public.