For CABI 3.1 SP6,IE11 is not certified

Idea created by Amcherry on Jun 19, 2014
    Not planned

    Hello Team,


    We came to know from CA that IE11 is not certified for CABI 3.1 SP6 version, but the reason we are posting an idea is to check which version of CABI will this be certified.


    Do we have any plans to work out with SAP to get the IE11 certified?


    We soon for our client , will roll out IE10 on all the systems and then we will be tremendous problem as none will be able to access the CABI properly.


    I'm sure it will not be only we how will upgrade to IE11 but could be many clients who looking forward for IE11.


    So,we focusing on the client and the business need for IE11 we should get the CABI working.Can you get this pushed forward to get this work going and help the clients to get CABI compatible.



    Thanks in advance...!