BOXI reporting filters for 'Last Week', 'Last Quarter'

Idea created by tzadell on Jun 23, 2014

    PdmToday functionality should be expanded for both Last Quarter (The True Last Quarter) and Last Week (The true Last week). 


    Last Week - Running a weekly report on the 'Past 7 days' only shows data that is relative to the date/time the report is run.  It would be better to run weekly reports for teams that are all based on the same static work week.  If a weekly report doesn't run right and has to be re-run the next day, then you lose 1 day of data in that weekly report.  Having a static 'Last Week' would also allow you to better space out your weekly scheduled reports and not have to try to run them all right after midnight.


    Last Quarter - Businesses do many things based on quarters.  I would think that the ability to run quarterly reports is something that many customers would also want.