Start Invoicing Group "On Demand"

Idea created by sthmiwe on Jul 3, 2014
    Not planned
    • martin.hermansson

    The current implementation of how to execute the Invoicing procedure using invoicing groups is to open the group and schedule it. Then it will execute on the set period (ie the same date of every month) until the schedule is inactivated.

    This approach is aiming for implementation where no control over the process is needed but our customers usually would like to load to start the invoicing run when all verifications are finished and all files are loaded using Data Mediation. The dates are not always the same because of hoildays and weekends


    To use the current implementation we need to schedule the invoicing a couple of minutes in the future and remember to inactivate the schedule afterwards.


    Our suggestion is to start the invoicing of a billing group "on demand" from the user interface and possibly even using a web service call. This would allow us to execute the invoicing without waiting for the "couple of minutes" to run by and not forgetting to inactivate the schedule.