Spectrum : Simplified CABI, please replace CABI with simplified Reporting-Engine

Idea created by e.heinemann on Jul 15, 2014

    Hi folks,

    I have worked with the old Spectrum Reporting-Manager for a long time, - it worked.

    For CABI, I fetched my old BOXI-Training-Manauals and tried to start with it.

    I have given up and replaced it by my own "Reporting-Engine"


    I rebuild some reports, like Outage-Report and Alarm-Report with my own PHP-Middleware, - the frontend looks like the old one. *-)

    I still use the reporting-DB and SRMDBAPI to fetch the data.


    Customers are unhappy with BOXI too, - perhaps there are some customers which needed BOXI, But I believe it would be better to integrate the Report-Manager better into oneclick.


    In my case, now I am able to start my reports via context-menu for Global Collections or Devices.


    In the last 2 years I have seen many Spectrum-Installations where other partners didn´t install BOXI. All these capabilities of the Reportmanager are lost in these installations.

    Why didn´t they install BOXI .. .


    The SRMDBAPI / reporting_DB is a great resource but we have to simplify the way how we access this database and how we create reports.


    While I rebuild these reports in PHP, I analysed the SQL-Statements which BOXI fires to the Reporting-DB, - awful, hundreds and thousends SQL-Queries rather than one big query. perhaps I am wrong, but for me it looked like simple statements, not even prepared SQL. After that I was not wondering about the lazy execution of Statements.


    my Requirements:

    - Smaller footprint than BOXI, less hardware. best way would be to combine it on the Oneclickserver via JSP

    - Context-based-integration in Oneclick

    - No report needs more than 1 minute to present the final result

    - CSV / Excel - Rawdata-Export which is usable rather than these over-formatted once

    - Reporting of Outages filtered by models/devices of multiple Global Collections, ... in BOXI it is limited to only 1 Global Collection used in a report.


    Best Regards

    Erich Heinemann