Enhancement Request: First Call Assist for Service Desk Agents

Idea created by llemmons on Jul 22, 2014

    The Challenge:

    1) 100 Service Desk agents sit answering calls, each focused on their customer’s needs. Eventually, one agent gets a similar call 2 or 3 times. they manually recognize a trend. and through a series of checks, determines that a Parent ticket needs set up and all similar tickers be made children.   (In our call center, one bold person finally stands up and says out loud  "Hey, anyone else getting calls for ***...." )

    2) A Service Desk Agent receives a call (New or Experienced agent) and must troubleshoot the issue. Part of this process is to SEARCH for a similar ticket. This is time consuming and very manual.


    The Solution:


    Each Challenge above has a single possible solution. A First Call Assist type (optional) feature. A 'search' is functioning in the background while a ticket description is being typed.  The search returns a live list of tickets and/or knowledge articles that meet the (configurable) search criteria, real time. The results may be a pop-up window – or present in the score bar frame.  A specific result could be viewed without closing the newly created ticket.


    The Result:

    In Challenge 1, The Service Desk Agent is able to see that multiple tickets for the same issue are coming in.  While they may have received 2, the call center has received 200. This would identify the need for a Parent ticket at the company’s decided threshold. 4 or 5 tickets. The quicker recognition save clean up time, and unaware agent time.

    In Challenge 2. presenting previously closed tickets would assist the agent in finding a previous solution. Expediting the resolution of the current call, streamlining Training, reducing escalation and weight of assists on leads.



    I am unaware of any company that is NOT working on their First Call Resolution rate, or Time to Resolution. The current SD barely assists in these areas. this enhancement would make a Call Center Manager look like a super hero, and Agents presented as a knowledgeable, intelligent work force.