Sync the SC-UI/admin/users>user>location-region between mdb and sc.xml file.

Idea created by Louis_van_Amelsfort Employee on Jul 31, 2014
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    • Louis_van_Amelsfort
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    When I open user profile in Catalog, the region is not loaded (empty field).

    After I edit any user details and save changes or simply click on Save(or OK) button without doing anything, the region field is reset.

    It means I have now an empty region.

    The region is empty, not only on SC but also in UAPM.

    Apparently, the MDB gets updated with an empty region-value.



    Synchronize MDB table and SC-file:

    MDB table = insert into ca_state_province/<1000028> and

                update      ca_location/state=<1000028>

    SC-file   = %USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\locale\icusen\ca_country_state.xml







    The DAR:

    - Auto Sync the table and sc-file.

    - Or only use the MDB-table in SC-UI and revoke the SC-file.


    Based on case in STAR:

    Contact #: 21859537 Issue #: 1 / Company: 667559 - GISA GMBH / Title: RESET REGION SC AND UAPM


    Kind regards, Louis.