export: warning if export is not complete

Idea created by christawil on Jul 31, 2014

    In the file nx.env we define the maximum number of datasets to be exported. Therefore we use the variable „@NX_EXPORT_MAX_FETCH_ROWS“. For example we define “@NX_EXPORT_MAX_FETCH_ROWS=3000”.


    It may happen, that the number of datasets to be exported is higher than the defined maximum. For example we want to export 3003 datasets, the defined maximum is 3000. Then the export is cut. The last 3 datasets are not exported. But there is no information for the user, that the export is not complete! The cut is just reported in the stdlog – file. I guess the user does not notice the difference of 3 – because the difference is very small. This may cause serious problems, because we use the export for exporting CIs – and import them back again (updated). We need to be absolute exact in handling of CIs. So the user must be warned, if the export is not complete.