SAM Autologin for Oracle sqlplus

Idea created by monru01 Employee on Aug 4, 2014
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    We have a big deployment in Mexico (arround 845 servers ) in some servers we have Oracle instances,  that the costumer wants to automate the auto login process  by the Shared Account Managment (SAM).


    In the current CA Control Minder (we are using the release 12.8) is not able to do that without create a custom autologin script (losing the support of CA Support) or using the OTB Oracle Web Managment Interface auto login process.


    We are finding a lot of enhancement requests of this kind in Mexico and LatinAmerica, that the clients want to implement the sqlplus console autologin using the putty or another client like ssh ..


    I think it could be a  great functionality,  that we can support  to our clients.


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    Ruber Monterrubio

    CA Senior Services Consultant