Automatic status transition based on conditions

Idea created by chris157.157 on Aug 12, 2014
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    I have an installation of Service Desk Manager 12.7 in which we make use of the out of the box functionality as much as possible.


    I have a business requirement to meet within service desk in which the following scenario is met and actioned.


    1. The service provider has an SLA to resolve an incident.

    2. Part of the resolution involves directly communicating with the affected end user.

    3. Once there has been a valid attempt to reach the affected end user with no success, the service provider is allowed to place the incident in the following status:  "Pending Customer Unavailable".

    4. My mandate is to transition the status back to "Open" after exactly 1 hour.


    I have managed to accomplish this in a very rudimentary fashion by creating an event (attached to Update Status) that fires in exactly 60 minutes that performs an action (set status = Open) when a condition is met (status is still "Pending Customer Unavailable").


    Due to the limited number of status's that are used in the business, this appeared to meet the requirements.  However, due to the fact that I am attaching the event on Update Status, the event fires 60 minutes after every status update and perfoms the action if the condition is true.  There are instances where the status was updated at time xx,  and then at time yy (xx+30minutes) the status was put into "Pending Customer Unavailable".  The service provider expects the status to change back to Open at time yy+60minutes where in reality it changes it back to Open at time xx+60minutes.  This is 30minutes short of the expected time.


    I have tried numerous ways of overcoming this, but am always stuck at the fact that the event is run on every status update.


    I have then tried to see if I could leverage off the AutoClose functionality, but can find very little information around this that I can work with.


    My request would be either of the following:

    1. Allow the Update Status Event to only be added on the condition that the status changed to "Update Customer Unavailable" and not on every status update.

    2. To have the same functionality as autoclose, where the ticket will automatically revert to Open 60 minutes after it was put into status "Update Customer Unavailable".


    Any input or ideas would be highly appreciated.