Multiple email addresses / domains for SDM contacts

Idea created by derekj on Aug 25, 2014
    Not planned

    I'm unable to setup Maileater in our environment to update tickets in SDM 12.7 cumulative 2.  Although each of our contacts has a single email account there are actually three different domains associated with it.  Since in a lot of cases the email address in SDM doesn't match the email address configured in the contacts' email clients the ticket doesn't get updated.  The email then blinks into oblivion, thereby irking everyone involved.  So the idea for a workaround would be one of these:


    1.  Allow for multiple email address or email domains per contact record.  Allow Maileater to search against all for a match.

    2.  Have Maileater take the account name part of the email address and try to match that against a user name (in addition to what it already does).

    3.  Have Maileater update the ticket utilizing one of the service accounts if it can't find the match.