Display Offerings in Sharepoint with Internet Explorer

Idea created by reich03 Employee on Aug 28, 2014
    • ArminL
    • reich03
    • Stephanie_Maehr
    • barfr11

    We would like to be able to use Microsoft Internet Explorer with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 to display Service Catalog 12.9 content by using the Catalog widgets.

    Currently forms cannot be displayed correctly.

    It seems to work when using Firefox and Sharepoint

    As Sharepoint 2010 still is an often used version and the integration even does not work with any IE version (we tried IE in WindowsXP, Win7 and Windows8) we think it is worth supporting this.

    Furthermore, it looks like Sharepoint 2013 support is also on the backlog, so no guarantee that it works with any Microsoft product.

    CA is positioning the integration of Service Catalog widgets into portal as a key feature, so it should work with the most popular browser and portal.