Federated Search from Knowledge Tab (12.9)

Idea created by russell.pope on Sep 8, 2014

    The ability to search knowledge using federated search adapters from the Knowledge tab - both from the standard search / list form or the advanced search / list form.


    We are looking to upgrade from CA SDM 12.5 to CA SDM 12.9. One of the blockers has been the lack of multi-language support of the standard EBR search and indexing and the fact it can't cope with languages where words are not delimited with whitespace (such as Japanese).

    CA SDM 12.9 offers 2 new features which are supposed to allow us to replace the existing FAST ESP search engine in CA SDM 12.5. Used in conjunction, crawler surface can index the SDM knowledge and other objects externally in Sharepoint and then federated search allows us to include those externally indexed documents within search results returned to the SDM users. This functionality only works from the knowledge tab on the ticket (or partially on the employee interface) but has been missed from other parts of the application.


    Description of problem:


    1.1 No Federated Search in Knowledge Admin Tab

    Not sure why this was left out but maybe this tab is not expected to be used to search for knowledge but instead should be used as the portal for Knowledge managers to build and manage knowledge documents.


    It would be desirable to include this federated knowledge search feature within this search function, especially where we are dealing with multi-lingual knowledge requirements for which EBR search will not function correctly. This leaves us in the position where it is not possible to search all the knowledge that is stored in TSD3 without going into a ticket or the Employee interface.


    Without the ability to search federated sources from the admin tab, it is not possible to replace the functionality from FAST-ESP using these new features and this would be a blocker to being able to upgrade. Federated search sources should be added to all search screens including the Knowledge tab search.