Import Button

Idea created by sam.cohen on Sep 10, 2014
    Not planned

    As there is Export, there should be an Import function for most objects, with the ability to assign Roles for it's use.  The effect of an import would be to allow appropriately qualified users to "bulk load" multiple records via the GUI.  The process would present a form to the user with the non-system fields to complete.  Updates are a bit of a complication, but system information could be presented Read-only (like UUID and/or creation date-time/user ID). there would likely still be limitations as to what can be loaded in this manner.


    The work could be saved in an interim phase, possibly in an encrypted file on the "desktop" or in the database; associated with the user


    Being system-managed, this would reduce the impact on teams supporting/managing the data, as the data validation would be automated and rigorous, and would also be doable without direct access to system servers.