SDM - Survey Notification Template

Idea created by tzadell on Sep 12, 2014
    Not planned

    I was sure I had seen this as an 'idea' out here somewhere, but now I can't find it -- So I'm going to post it.


    (SDM, version 12.7)


    The email that is sent for the surveys is currently created in a small text box, as part of the desired Activity Notification (ie; Close activity)


    This email ends up looking very plain and simplistic, especially compared to the other nice, colorful emails that we are able to send via the Notification Message templates.  And I'm sure that is why it's often ignored.  Asking customers to complete a survey is definitely something that you'd want to be able to get their attention with, adding things like color and bold text etc.


    Please either provide the same html editing abilities here, or change this to be a Notification Message template that the Activity Notification can be pointed to.