Provide some realtime automation for future ITAM Versions

Idea created by herma13 Employee on Sep 18, 2014



    all of my current and former UAPM / ITAM customes. had the requirements to prefill attributes in the GUI following certain rules.


    - Fill a field with a concurrent number

    - Update the hostname as a concatination of resource name and tenant name.

    - Fill the serial number with the resource name (this is a current requirement I have)

    - automatically set the status date with the current date.


    All this can be made very easily in Catalog whith JAVA script, and my customers who have both products can not understand why this is possible in one but not in the other CA product.


    Providing a functionality in ITAM where you can add for example custom JAVA script code to the pages would increase the possibilities in ITAM enormuosly.


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