Survey's should NOT be send to Contacts whose "Notification Method" is set to  "Notification Log ONLY"

Idea created by adziadowicz on Sep 25, 2014
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    • J_W
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    • danegrey

    Surveys are send to Contacts whose "Notification Method" is set to "Notification Log ONLY"


    We would expect the Survey not to be send when Notification Method for

    Affected End User are specifically set to NOT RECEIVE Emails .

    We had open CA Issue and has been advised that above scenario is how they designed Survey's.


    Bellow is CA Response:



    Unfortunately the product is functioning as designed when the surveys are sent out on a

    ticket close despite email not being selected as a notification method. A

    method does not currently exist to filter the survey recipients OOTB when a

    ticket is closed. However this functionality would be an excellent

    candidate for a post to the Idea Wall on the CA communities. "


    Anybody else thinks that this would help?