Change Order Conflict Analysis Feature - can parms be set to filter/tailor the conflict function

Idea created by rick.bumeter on Sep 25, 2014
    Not planned

    Our Change management team is asking if we can customize/alter the Out of the
    Box process flow used by the Conflict Analysis button on a Change Order.
    Here are their requirements. 

    Change Order - If Parent/Child relationships exist, can the feature be tailored to exclude related records from the conflict analysis function
    This would eliminate non-existent conflicts from the analysis, and would only highlight changes that are not related to the parent/child relationship.

    In addition - Low priority, nice to have.

    In addition, now that we have been running Conflict Analysis, these items are
    also being requested.

    *Exclude "sibling" tickets from Conflict Analysis (for example IPL's
    typically have 40 CRs that are all being deployed together but will show up
    in conflict when they really aren't, so in addition to Parent/Child also
    exclude the Child tickets within that Parent from being in conflict with one

    *Exclude Impact 5's from Conflict Analysis (for example if an Impact 3 is
    found to be in conflict with an Impact 5 do not display because the Impact 5
    is a test/non production environment and therefore won't be in conflict with
    the production Impact 3)

    *Log Activities every time Conflict Analysis is invoked (it logs some but not
    all, for example CR630620 was in conflict with another CR but the date on the
    other CR was moved and they were no longer in conflict and when I ran it
    again it logged nothing in the Activity log)   I believe this can be interpreted as saying a conflict has been resolved by the revision to the conflicting Change order, but the original Change order shows the conflict as unresolved until a refresh is done.