BSI-EEM Out-of-the-Box Integration.

Idea created by Vish_iyer on Sep 26, 2014
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    Hi Team,


    I am currently using Business Service Insight (BSI) v8.2.5. The Users are created in BSI through the means of BSI Application Only.


    BSI should be having a facility of user creation through a centralized repository of Users such as CA Embedded Entitlements Manager that can be integrated with Active Directory.

    This would help the Administrators of BSI to maintain users by synchronizing the users of EEM with AD and in turn maintaining sync between BSI and EEM. There would be no redundancy/duplication of users in CA BSI by implementing this solution.


    The CA tools such as CA Service Operations Insight, CA Service Desk Manager, CA Spectrum and CA e Health are currently having the above mentioned capability. Likewise, in CA BSI, OOB Integration with CA EEM can be implemented and could be included in the road map of BSI.


    Please vote along with your opinion!!