Option to bypass CORA logic

Idea created by Dirk68 on Sep 26, 2014
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    • Dirk68
    • schrep
    • Uwe_Schmitt
    • danegrey

    As someone, who has SDM in place only, and no other CA product, there should be the possiblity to bypass the CORA logic.


    With a huge amount of CI's, the CORA logic needs a lot of time on each and any update of a CI. A single update takes a significant number of seconds to complete. This is maybe acceptable in the GUI, but is very harmful when doing mass updates by load or webservices.


    It is very common to mass import and synchronize CI data with third party products through pdm_load, grloader, or webservices. These mass updates needs to run efficient and in a timely manner. The CORA logic is harming this a lot. ( Just as an example, take a look at https://communities.ca.com/thread/241694114 . We have to handle much more CI's at once in our mass updates. )


    A second aspect of CORA is its definition of CI uniqueness. We have our own understanding of what makes a CI unique, which doesn't fit to the ruleset of CORA allways.


    In short, in the scenario mentioned above, if there is no benefit from CORA at all, it should be possible to bypass this logic, so it doesn't harm the real business processes.