Spectrum Archive Manager enhancement

Idea created by raphael.franck on Sep 26, 2014



    starting with Spectrum version 9.4, it is officially supported to run an ArchMgr on the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERs.

    As of now, it seems that the primary SpectroSERVER will still store events locally, once the primary ArchMgr is unavailable but the secondary ArchMgr is running.

    Additionally, once the primary ArchMgr is up again, it will not re-sync events from the secondary ArchMgr but from the locally stored events only.

    We'd like see the ArchMgr enhanced to be a fully redundant/HA mechanism.

    - if the primary or both ArchMgr run, then the primary should catch and provide and the secondary just catch the events

    - if the secondary ArchMgr runs only, then it should catch and provide the events, once the primary gets back again, it should re-sync all missing events

    - the Report Manager as well as any other event client should always connect to the lower precedence value ArchMgr

    - the "locally stored events" mechanism should stay as gateway of last resort in case both ArchMgrs fail