Service Lifecycle in CA Catalog

Idea created by VarunPahuja on Sep 26, 2014
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    • VarunPahuja
    • Rafael Cardoso
    • mderidde

    There should be a mechanism which would define the lifecycle of service.



    For example :



    In catalog we have one mobile request and one laptop request service. To get a laptop, user only requires 2 level of approval (i.e.,manager and laptop dept) and to get a mobile user requires 3 level of approval (i.e., manager, director and mobile dept). Now the problem/ question is, an end user(requester) would not know how many approvals are required for the services they have requested 8pt; padding: 0px;"> 


    I am expecting as an administrator, when we design any service in catalog we should also define the service lifecycle, so that when an user requests for any service they should know whose approval is required for this service, and also they should be able to view who has already approved the service request and whose approval is pending.






    Varun Pahuja