Interval Logging Enhanced Configuration

Idea created by russell.pope on Sep 29, 2014

    We currently use interval logging on our CA SDM 12.5 instance and have been investigating the feature in 12.9 but have found it lacking the flexibility we need.


    Currently interval logging is on by default on our 12.5 instance.  This is executed by a scheduled task on the servers and runs constantly.  The logging is output to a NON system or application disk to minimise performance impact.  This old method allows us to manipulate various things as it is essentially a batch file. The interval logging runs all the time on 12.5 as it makes it more efficient to provide historic information to CA, instead of them advising us to switch it on and awaiting for another occurrence in the fault. 


    Also as the previous method was a batch file/schedule we could manipulate the logging to create daily sets of files and keep an x number of days’ worth of each file. 

    Neither of these things appear to be configurable in interval logging within 12.9.

    The inability to define where and how to output the log files is a major issue for us and might cause us to delay any upgrade.

    I would like to see additional / enhanced configuration options to be implemented to allow us better control over this important feature so that we can reduce risk and minimise performance impact to our service.