Automatic filtering of Entity/Workset in Attribute View selection to only those containing matching Domain types

Idea created by Daniel_Stratton on Oct 1, 2014

    When working with Action Diagramming, often I'll be looking to choose an Attribute View as the target of a SET, or a function for a parameter, or some other detail.


    As it currently stands, I get presented with every declared entity/subtype/workset in the Action Diagram.  However, if I'm trying to do a SET of a timestamp, for instance, only a few of my declared entities/subtypes/worksets will actually contain a timestamp, yet I still get the full list.


    Ideally, I'd like to have some automatic filtering of the entity/subtype/workset list presented to me to only present me with those that contain an attribute matching the domain of what I'm being asked for.


    For example:


    SET out basic_types timestamp TO <Attribute View>


    In this case, if I have 10 views declared, but only 2 with a timestamp attribute, I'd like to be presented with the list of only those 2 views, rather than the list of 10.  Similarly, a concat function call shouldn't present me with views that contain only numeric, etc.