In Knowledge Management, be able to set the Owner as a GROUP or a PERSON

Idea created by OR-Ducks on Oct 13, 2014
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    This is for Knowledge Management


    Currently the “Owner” of a KB document must be a person.

    The request is to be able to set the Owner as a GROUP or a PERSON.


    This is set in KMDB now where “Contact Type = Analyst”.  That part of the screen is read only when is says “Analyst”.


    What we want here is to have the Contact Type by “Analyst” OR “Group” for the OWNER field.


    In most cases we would prefer that a Group be the owner of KB articles.  This is because people move to new groups or leave "ACME" and then the KB article has an owner that is no longer correct.  The IS Service Desk has also agreed this would be an ideal change.