ITAM: Contact allocated HW Asset, managed searches

Idea created by Jannie_Sanlam on Oct 15, 2014
    Not planned
    • Alexandre_Almeida
    • Imjay
    • Brian_Mathato

    ITAM 12.8.03


    You can create managed searches from the assets point of view and see all contacts and owners information related to the asset.

    In short: a managed search left join from asset to any other object contact location org company etc.


    However you cannot from the Contact create a managed search to show all contacts and what hardware assets are allocated to them (or not). (You can for software, but not hardware asset)

    In short: a managed search left join from contact to asset.


    Creating a manged search and scheduled extract for contacts at a location without an allocated asset (Laptop\Desktop), would enable asset management departments to action this and update the information that was not captured upon asset import, or point out owned asset sources that still needs to be implemented for these contacts. (especially with multiple group companies that have multiple asset registers that have to be consolidated into a shared ITAM service)


    Refer to case logged: 21905702-1: SEARCH CONTACT ALLOCATED ASSET

    In which SE asked for enhancement request.