Event Management –Edit Function

Idea created by Mikel.Osinalde Employee on Oct 17, 2014
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    1. Describe the enhancement in detail.

    We manage a lot of contracts manually at the moment. Therefore, we have purchased CA BSI and started an automation project.

    As you see in “Usage Details”, at the end of first project phase, there will be 1 million raw data events for execution and it will rise up to 3 million for each month. At the moment there is an internal process which is vital for the general use of the tool among the enterprise. We call this “Handshake Process”. In short the “Handshake Process” is planned to flow as below;

    1. Data translates over adapters to CA BSI.
    2. For each contracts’ Metrics (with highly complicated business logics) produce intermediate results to generate intermediate reports.
    3. Intermediate reports generated according to the handshake layout from free-form reports and shared with the stakeholders.
    4. After the handshake with the stakeholders, the data which are identified as “To Be Corrected” is subject to be changed over Event Management – Edit.
    5. At the end of Edit procedure and recalculation, final reports are generated over Simple reports and shared with all enterprise.

    In step (4), because of the huge raw data, we have to do thousands of edit each month after “Handshake Process”. That means we have to navigate one-by-one for each edit in the Event Management by the grouping mechanism. By this way, it took many days to finish all the data edit each month.

    What we need?

    We expect an alternative way to make the edits much faster. We have identified our needs, so a grid view for edits would definitely help us. By that grid view, we could easily find our target records and edit one-by-one or mass.

    2. What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?

    With grid view function of Event Management;

    • It will be much more easy to find a specific event from millions of rows,
    • In mass edit cases which occur each month, this new feature will greatly shorten that huge time consuming work,
    • Cost effectiveness,

    3. Describe the importance and urgency level.

    Importance: We have started reconsidering the tools position in SLA Management. We are not sure to widen the usage and go on using the tool at the moment.

    Urgency: As soon as possible.

    4. Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.

    For instance;

    At the moment, raw data is seen in Event Management screen as follows:

    We want to see those results with a grid view option like below:

    With this view option, we expect;

    • Columns can be filtered from the drop down of each column,
    • Any cell of that grid view can be edited,
    • With a single “Save and Commit” button, the edited events could be updated with a single justification (for Audit Logs) which would be used for all events which are edited in a specific turn.

    Important Note: It is not a problem for us to put single event Type search requirement for the grid view option. We know it is an obligation for the design.

    5. Are you willing to formally beta test this new functionality?