User Impersonation Feature in Clarity PPM

Idea created by Maddineni on Oct 31, 2014

    Proposed Enhancement:
    Implement a feature called - User Impersonation/Mimic/Pretend to be.


    Use case:
    Administrators can impersonate other users for testing purposes without explicitly/actually logging into their account/s. When impersonating another user, the administrator has access to exactly the same menus and modules which that user would have access to in the system.


    How you think the product works
    Function not available currently


    How would you like the product to work
    Administrator or Admin Role User capable enough to impersonate any specific User for testing / verification purpose.

    System should be smart enough to record/capture any activity the administrator is performing while admin user impersonating another user.

    Use this feature to test what different users can do in the system and to perform actions for them in their stead.


    What is the business impact to your implementation

    If this feature implements, it will facilitate couple of benefits to the System / Users.

    1. Admin user no need to log out from his/her account and explicitly log in to the user account to learn/verify the reported issue
    2. Users no need to share their passwords to Admin User in order to verify the issue they reported
    3. Save Time & Effort
    4. More User friendly
    5. Might need to create another set of Access rights