CA Service Catalog - create the makeRequired() function! :)

Idea created by Duarte.Sousa on Nov 3, 2014

    I don't know about you guys, but when I'm making some forms on CA Service Catalog and I want to implement the following behavior, for example:

    If someone checks... a checkbox (whatever) -> make the field X or many fields to be required. For that would be nice if that function existed!


    At the moment, when I want to implement that behaviour I'm validating if the fields that I want to be required are empty or not, depending if the checkbox is active or not. In the user's perspective is bad because if he checks that checkbox he won't see any indication if the field X is now required (little red ball behind the field), and then... when he submits he's going to see the alert from my validating function... so he's going to think:"oh, I don't see any required indication on this field... but it's required...grrr".


    Here's a better explanation I think:


    As far as I know that function already exists on PAM (when making SRF's and IRF's).


    What do you think people? (:


    Thanks and regards.