AuthMinder Enhancement:  The ability to set the auto account OTP unlock timer to less than 1 hour

Idea created by dpecnik on Nov 12, 2014
    Not planned
    • takda03
    • dpecnik

    Business Case:  My companies current policy on windows password unlocks is to auto-unlock after 15 minutes.  We need to have our adaptive authentication policies in line with our other password policies by having the ability to set the auto-unlock for Arcot OTP to less than 1 hour in the order of minutes.  Currently the lowest increments that can be set are hours for OTP which is 1 hour mininum.  This is too long for a user to wait for an auto-unlock and will require a call to our customer service desk.


    Impact Information:  We are about to roll out the first pilot testing of advanced authentication with Authminder/Riskminder in our internal environment.  There is already concern with the team implementing advanced authentication that there will be push back with the 1 hour auto-unlock time.  This could delay the roll out of advanced authentication or cause the team to look to other products.