Ability to add comments to STDLOG for CA Service Desk Manager

Idea created by lee.thorneycroft1.1 on Nov 12, 2014
    Not planned
    • tonsh03
    • lee.thorneycroft1.1
    • J_W
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    • Kyle_R
    • Raghu.Rudraraju

    Add a new switch to the PDM_HALT command that provides the ability to enter reason code that will appear in the STDLOG. This would allow administrators to place a comment in the STDLOG as part of the shutdown, making it possible to distinguish planned shutdowns from unplanned shutdowns, or manual shutdowns from automated ones.


    Add a new utility, such as PDM_LOG_MESSAGE that would provide the ability to enter any desired text into the STDLOG, including the usual date/time stamp. This could be used to insert text that can be easily searched, to identify milestones or automation events.