Popup message box in front of OneClick

Idea created by Karsten.Ballandis Champion on Nov 14, 2014
    Currently Planned



    at the moment it is possible to inform our customers with OneClick-Web page. The information icon for the customer is in the lower, right corner:


    This little green plus is the sign for the customer and none see this because it is to small / inconspicuous.


    My wish would be a pop-up window that opens in the foreground. The best way would be that the user must confirm this window only to work with OneClick further. This forces the user to read the information.


    Why do we need this function?

    We MUST inform our OneClick user before we MUST shut down the server. This users are on different locations and it is not possible to inform all. Thus, the user has the time to log on to a different OneClick server.

    This function is very friendly for the user (not administrator) and safety a better acceptance of OneClick find as if the session is simply terminated!


    This function should by optional.