Service Catalog data visible in Service Desk

Idea created by mderidde on Nov 14, 2014
    Currently Planned



    with the Unified Service Management coming more and more into the picture, we are looking for a way to show Catalog related information directly from within Service Desk.


    Imagine the following setup and scenario:

    - users submit requests in CA Service Catalog

    - approval flow(s) are all done inside Catalog, only once all approvals have been completed CA Service Desk ticket(s) get created (through PAM).

    - support staff works in CA Service Desk

    - end user calls the Service Desk to request an update on their ticket


    Of course the end user only knows the Service Catalog request number. If approvals have not yet been completed the Service Desk has no way to search for the Catalog request directly from Service Desk. This is not practical.


    In a first step a solution could be to provide some search functionality from within CA Service Desk Manager on the usm_request and other service option, status etc tables.


    In a perfect world we are thinking there should be a way to configure CA Service Desk Manager to no longer use the cr object for requests but directly work on the usm tables (new SDM objects would be needed for this). We are dreaming of a setup where analysts can log comments / see attachments from within Service Desk without the need to duplicate everything through complete PAM flows. Also: have SDM events run on SC request, allow to send out SDM surveys on SC requests, etc.


    This would be a great step forward to a real unified service management setup!