NFA Reaper Service, with .tbn.bad files

Idea created by Shaun_Ellis Employee on Dec 2, 2014
    Under review

    In NFA the Reaper is hanging.


    For NFA 9.1/Windows 2008. Issue - The problem that the Reaper Service is hanging when ReaperInput Folder has "tbn.bad" files in it.


    When the file(s) are deleted and when the service is restared, it starts working again.


    My customers expectation is that the Reaper should itself work on these bad files, that the service should not stop/hang.

    Meaning that it recognizes this is a bad file drops it and just leave a comment in the logs "I could not work on file ***.bad because it's a bad file and I dropped it"


    I advised customer that I’m not aware of such a process, and that they manually have to remove the bad file, to avoid the same problem happening again.


    In the meantime, if there is any way to code this in the future, please look into it.