Read-only custom search

Idea created by rg502 on Dec 4, 2014
    Not planned
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    I was instructed by CA Support and CA Sustaining Engineering to enter the following as an enhancement request.


    Product: CA Asset Portfolio Management 12.9 cumulative patch 2


    Requested enhancement: Offer the ability to create read-only searches.


    Details/Scenario: We want to create a custom search and make it default for a role. We want the users in that role to be able to use the search, but not save changes to the search that would get applied at the role or configuration level. As confirmed by CA Support and Sustaining Engineering, this is not currently possible with APM 12.9. The “Save Search To User” configuration permission does not fulfil this requirement. When a user is granted that permission, but denied the “Save Search To Role” permission, they are still able to save changes to the default search affecting all users in the role.