Ability to see users and total count users logged into SC

Idea created by skypittman on Dec 16, 2014
    Not planned

    Having the ability to see which users are logged into Catalog, a total count of those users, and max total users logged in at once with dates would be able to provide better information to Admins.  The Admins would now be able to make the connections they see with their server monitoring data to know if they are about to need to increase server resources or all together bring up a secondary (or N+1) server to load balance the data.  CA SDM has the ability as command line to see the users but a GUI form in SC would be better in order for Admins to present the data to Management for presentations and future operational budgets to be accounted for.


    We currently have no way to see how many of our 1,000's of users are logged in and when our peak times occur in order to be able to make sure we do not implement any modifications during a peak time.  When we are preparing our Change Orders in our organization we have to tell our Change Management what is our total impacted users.  Since we do not have a way to see who is logged in and for how long we cannot give accurate data to our Change Management on the impact of our Catalog Change Orders being implemented.