Audit Log string fields containing date/time should contain also the server time zone

Idea created by Luigi-Melli Employee on Dec 18, 2014
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    • Venkata_Ch
    • AmitPalkar

    Service Desk 12.9



    With Auditing Log activated, the 'Before Value' and 'After Value' fields could contain a string showing a date/time; the date/time stored in the string is related to the server time zone but this is not indicated in the string.

    If the Analysts don't know what the server time zone is, this value cannot be correctly interpreted.


    What expected.

    Instead of a generic value:


    04/12/2014   10:00:00


    the value should contain also the server time zone reference like the following:


    04/12/2014   10:00:00  CET (GMT+01:00)


    in order to have the correct information available.