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Idea created by vtaduri on Jan 5, 2015
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    It was determined with CA Support Issue#22013049 that this is an ENH.

    We need a way to change the lookup for an attribute from the default value to a user specified one when a SQL Query is used with grLoader, e.g:

    grloader -cfg grloader.cfg -s http://someserver:8080 -a -n -E -u ServiceDesk

    -p Password* -dbstmt "select osname as class, ServerName name, ServerName

    system_name, ShortDescription description, FacilityName location, Memory

    phys_mem, TotalDiskSpace hard_drive_capacity, NumberCPUs number_proc_inst,

    CPUSpeed proc_speed, LeaseExpirationDate lease_termination_date, userid

    resource_contact, userid billing_contact_uuid,Serverid asset_num,

    ServerOwnerGroupName support_contact1_uuid, DomainName zDNS_Name,

    SerialNumber zSerial_Number, Model zModel from Stars_New" -e


    By default the lookup for resource_contact is combo_name and there is means by which we can change it anything else say for example userid using a SQL Query with -dbstmt switch.

    USRD 12.9

    C:\Users\vtaduri\Documents>grloader -v

    07:06:21.668 CI and Relationship Loader for CA Service Desk Manager R12.9.000

    GRLoader was built on Mon Oct 20 10:55:00 CDT 2014

    07:06:21.720 GRLoader ended