Idea created by LeticiaGameiro Employee on Jan 9, 2015

    We need a better control over the Event Rule filters - current system allows AND and OR combinations, but without a bracket system to control the order

    of how the rules are combined we have to create multiple rules or very long conditions/filters.

    We need a bracket system introduced to the Event Rule filters that has no restriction related to the number of brackets and no level restriction (nested brackets) that allows us to control the order in which the conditions are evaluated.


    (A = 1 OR D IN ('12', '15')) AND B = 2 OR (C = 3 AND (D = 4 OR E = 5))


    In fact, there are Out-of-the-Box Event Rules using brackets, such as 'Request Pending Action Change -> When action is cancelled'. Why can't new conditions take advantage of the same capability.


    Thanks in advance.